Retro: A Chopper Profile

The Retro Chopper features a radical design. See more motorcycle pictures.

Bourget's Bike Works (BBW) has been building extreme machines for many years, and one of its more radical designs is the Retro Chopper. By melding the apparent fuel tank and frame members into a single component, Bourget's achieves an unusually unified look.

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It's an "apparent" fuel tank because the formed metal serves as little more than a broad canvas for applied graphics; in this case, the stars of a "Stars and Stripes" theme. Fuel and oil are carried within the frame tubes.

The 47-degree rake and 18-inch stretch of the springer forks makes for a radical front end. Equally notable is the tail, which incorporates a labyrinth of tubing, but no suspension.

A 113-cubic-inch S&S engine sends power to a 280-series tire mounted on a BBW wheel that mimics the four-spoke "mag" style of the front rim. The rear axle rides in a machined tailpiece that also hosts the brake caliper.

Making this chopper stand out even more is its red, white, and blue paint scheme -- as if this extreme machine needed to attract any more attention....

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