Punisher: A Chopper Profile

Punisher is a custom chopper that forgos chrome detailing, creating a look like no other.

The Punisher chopper is the creation of The Wrench Custom Cycles. Nearly every aspect of this machine has been handcrafted, with innovations evident from virtually any view.

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Punisher eschews the usual chrome trappings, instead adopting a sinister black-and-blue theme. TWCC's skull logo sneaks its way onto many of the bike's components, including artistic renderings on the fuel tank, along with cutouts on the primary-drive cover and between the handlebars.

Added to a TWCC-built frame are a set of American Suspension forks with a front brake caliper integrated into the lower leg and blacked-out tubes that play into the bike's color scheme. The front brake rotor bears the marks of TWCC's logo. Blacked-out three-spoke wheels from Weld complete the chassis package.

Power comes courtesy of a 113-cubic-inch engine from Patrick, which matches the prevailing color scheme with blue cases and blacked-out cylinders. Following suit are the black heat-wrapped exhaust pipes and air-cleaner cover with TWCC logo. The Baker 6-speed transmission is shifted via a hand lever, while a foot pedal activates the clutch.

With its dark colors and lack of chrome, Punisher doesn't look like most other custom choppers. But then, maybe that's the point.

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