How the Porsche Carrera GT Works

By: Stephanie Watson

Interior Features

The interior of the two-door, two-seater car is as minimalist as a racecar. The pedals are certainly in the racecar tradition.

Although the bucket seats are leather, critics say they can feel a bit stiff, especially for the passenger. But the car does feature some luxury-car amenities, such as one-touch automatic windows and electronically adjustable, heated mirrors. It also comes with a travel bag, garment bag, briefcase, shoulder bag and center-console bag, all of which are finished in the same leather as the car's interior, in case the driver would like to be reminded of his or her Carrera GT at all times.


The steering wheel and center console are all ergonomically situated to be within easy reach of the driver. The ignition is on the left of the steering wheel rather than the right, which is meant to provide easier access upon entering the car. A dot-matrix screen displays mileage, a trip odometer and other data, and the car can also be outfitted with a navigation system and a BOSE stereo system.