Porsche 914

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The Porsche 914 didn't hit every fan of the marque as worthy of the Porsche crest. See more pictures of classic cars.

The Porsche 914 was the first controversial Porsche, and the articles linked below explain why.

Learn how the Porsche 914 was derided upon its 1970 debut as less than worthy because it used a Volkswagen four-cylinder engine.


Discover too how the square-cut sports car was otherwise a fine Porsche design and a vitally needed lower-cost companion to the Porsche 911. And check out how the 914's midengine layout brought Porsche into the modern era of performance-car engineering.

Finally, find out how it all came together as Porsche installed its own flat-head six cylinder engine to create the formidable Porsche 914/6.

For the complete story of the Porsche 914, read on.

Porsche 914 History: Learn why Porsche decided to build its first midengine production car, why it needed Volkswagen's help, and how the 914 eventually came to win over many who dismissed it as something less than a true Porsche. Along the way, discover how the 914/6 carved out a sports car identity of its own.

Porsche 914 Pictures and Specifications: Check out pictures of the body that served the 914 and 914/6 well over their five-year lifespan, including X-ray views that reveal their modern midengine design. Dive into specifications that list vehicle dimensions, horsepower, prices and more.

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