Porsche 356 Pictures and Specifications

1964-1965 Porsche 356C Pictures and Specifications

The Porsche 356C was the last version of the 356 line. It's two-year production run ended in 1965. There were few visual differences for this third generation 356, but plenty of under-the-skin improvements.

Flat-faced hubcaps gave the 356C a slightly varied look.
Flat-faced hubcaps were one way to identify a 356C from earlier 356s.

The C-Series was offered with a 95-bhp Super like the one shown that came with SC badge.
A 356C equipped with the 95-horsepower Super engine earned an SC badge.

The twin-overhead-cam Carrera engine made its racing debut in 1952, and was later adapted to the street.
The twincam Carrera four was a racing engine adapted for street use.

1964-1965 Porsche 356C Specifications

Prices New:

  • $4,100-$4,300


Length (inches) Wheelbase (inches) Weight (pounds)
152.0-156.0 82.7 2,000


Size (cc)
ohv flat 4

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