How the Popemobile Works

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Author's Note: How the Popemobile Works

When I started researching this story, I was surprised to discover that "popemobile" is actually the preferred term for the official papal transport. I'd heard the word before, of course, but always assumed it was a tongue-in-cheek, colloquial term. For lack of anything better to call it, I suppose. But really, how ... undignified. Even the simple term "Presidential Limo" has a lot more panache (even if it does sound like the name of a fly-by-night chauffeur service).

Can't Mercedes come up with one of their super-clever combinations of letters and numbers? The outgoing PB-XVI could get a model year upgrade to PF-I -- or something like that, anyway. It just seems like the Vatican -- no strangers to gilding the lily -- could do a little better ... but that's enough pontificating, for now.

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