How the Peugeot 908 RC Concept Car Works

908 RC Engine and Drivetrain

We've already learned the 908 HDi FAP is fast. It stands to reason the 908 RC is too, right? It is. Peugeot lists the top speed at 168 mph (270 kph). Amazingly, the engine has the same specifications as the race engine found in the 908 HDi FAP. The engine is arranged in a rear transverse mounted position behind the passenger section of the car. To save more space, the electronic sequential six-speed gearbox is located underneath the engine. With a flatter angle, the engine has a lower center of gravity, adding to the mechanical grip of the car.

The new Dodge Charger
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That doesn't look like the General Lee! The Dodge Charger R/T at the 1999 Detroit Auto Show.

At 3,967 pounds (1,800 kilograms), the 908 RC isn't as svelte as its race-car cousin, which weighs only 2,040 pounds (925 kilograms). Four monobloc ceramic carbon-composite brake rotor discs and four piston calipers are in charge of stopping the big sedan. The exotic material used in the rotors helps to cool the discs under heavy braking.

The Peugeot 908 RC may be another example of an auto manufacturer showcasing its style and innovations by developing an extravagant car that will eventually lead to a less impressive production car. Sometimes concept cars go into production in a similar form after the manufacturer gauges public perception. But many times, the neatest looking cars never make it to the car lot. For example, in 1999, Dodge revealed a retro-looking four-door Charger concept, bringing back one of the manufacturer's most beloved models. The car received rave reviews but Dodge didn't build it. Instead, Dodge built a totally different vehicle and stuck the Charger badge on it. While the car has had some success, it looks nothing like the concept in 1999.

Peugeot views the 908 RC as a racing sedan of the future. As we pointed out earlier, limousines are no longer exclusively chauffer-driven stretch-mobiles that take right-hand turns worse than a dump truck. The 908 RC puts the driving back in your hands, not the chauffeur's. However, the 908 RC may be the predecessor to the Peugeot 608 sedan. Like both the race car and the superlimo, the 608 will utilize a turbo HDi diesel engine and aim to be fuel efficient while providing power and luxury.

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