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What have your favorite modern cars been over the last few decades? Maseratis and Lamborghinis? MINI Coopers and Jeeps? Learn about all your favorites in our modern cars section.

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2007 New York Auto Show

The 2007 New York Auto Show gets full Consumer Guide coverage with reviews photos prices analysis and specifications on scores of new 2008 and 2009 cars trucks and SUVs.

How the MINI Cooper Works

Occasionally, a car design comes along that somehow remains relatively untouched for decades. These cars can garner a loyal band of supporters and enthusiasts whose passion for the model might seem, to an outsider, to go well beyond the merits of the car itself.

How the Toyota Camry Works

The Toyota Camry arrived in the U.S. market in model year 1983. Within four years it became Toyota's top-selling model. Learn how this reliable no-nonsense family car evolved into a remarkable automotive achievement.

North American International Auto Show 2001

The North American International Auto Show kicks off the year with amazing concept cars and hundreds of innovations. Get daily coverage and a front-row seat at the unveilings!