Other 1950s Classic Car Manufacturers

The 1955 Willys Bermuda and the 1951 Frazer Standard are among the interesting and perhaps under-appreciated cars of the '50s. Learn more about these unsung classics.


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1954-1955 MG TF

The 1954-1955 MG TF has become a collectible car despite its apparent shortcomings. The car featured amazing handling, but it left many drivers frustrated due to the very low engine performance. Learn more about the British car that Americans came to love.

1955-1957 Pontiac Strato-Streak

The exterior styling of the new 1955-57 Pontiacs was seen as generally pleasing, even exciting -- save for what some thought a rather unfortunate blunt front end. Learn more about the nuances of this newly redesigned model in this classic cars article.

1959 Crown Imperial

The 1959 Crown Imperial Limousine is incredibly rare: it's one of only seven cars built in the line. The inside was well-appointed with luxurious fabrics and leather to compliment its wood paneling. Learn more about this exclusive luxury vehicle.

1956 Pegaso Z-102 Panoramica Coupe

The 1956 Pegaso Z-102 Panoramica coupe is a Spanish sports car with a rare body type. The car featured a V-8 engine with a four-barrel carburetor that produced a staggering 270 horsepower. Learn more about this custom Pegaso and see a picture of it.

1950-1957 Jaguar Mark VII/VIIM

The 1950-1957 Jaguar Mark VII/VIIM united the Mark V framework with the XK twin cam six. See pictures and discover more about the graceful 1950-1957 Jaguar Mark VII/VIIM.

1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower

The 1949-1953 Triumph Mayflower is a cute and tiny model with a surprisingly spacious interior, but it amuses many collectors. Find out why and learn about some of the design quirks of this interesting and unique model.

1950-1954 Triumph Renown

The 1950-1954 Triumph Renown was a sporty series of British models, including a rare limousine. The Renown was known for its well-balanced styling and quality materials. Explore the features of these great collectible cars.

1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle

The last to be produced before Willys was bought by Kaiser, the1952-1954 Willys Aero-Eagle was attractive and practical but too expensive to sell well. But this car is still a good collectible today. Find out why.

1955 Willys Bermuda

The 1955 Willys Bermuda is the scarcest and most collectible model of the Willys car line. It may be appreciating slowly, but its status as the final model year makes it particularly valuable. Find out why this model makes a good collectible car.

1949-1958 Lagonda 2.6/3.0 Litre

The 1949-1958 Lagonda 2.6/3.0 Litres were luxury hand-built autos aimed at the wealthy. Learn about this first post-war, eye-catching classic car whose engine was the same as used in Aston Martin DB2 and DB2/4.

1950-1964 Rover P4 Series

Charming but dowdy, the 1950-1964 Rover P4 Series was one of postwar Britain's best known and frequently driven cars. In fact, there are still a few on the road today. Learn what makes this car's construction so appealing.

1954-1955 Swallow Doretti

The 1954-1955 Swallow Doretti was a short-lived British sports car with very low production numbers. The high price tag resulted in poor sales. Learn more about this rare collectible car.

1956-1959 Jaguar Mark VIII

The 1956-1959 Jaguar Mark VIII featured styling changes and a boosted XK twin cam six. Discover more about the exceptional 1956-1959 Jaguar Mark VIII and learn about this graceful car's pros and cons.

1950 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina

The smooth looking 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina was one of Pontiac’s most familiar names. It was also Pontiac's first pillarless hardtop. Get details about the popularity of this collectible car.

1951-1958 Lancia Aurelia Coupe & Spyder

The 1951-1958 Lancia Aurelia Coupe and Spyder was styled by Pinin Farina, the same man who also designed cars for Ferrari. Learn more about the 1951-1958 Lancia Aurelia Coupe and Spyder.

1957-1958 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible & Hardtop Coupe

The 1957-1958 Plymouth Belvedere Convertible & Hardtop Coupe features an important and striking design, but these models had their share of troubles. Learn about the value of this collectible car and see why it’s recommended as an investment.

1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron

The 1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron was a luxurious addition to the Imperial premium series. It was named after the great '30s coachworks that did some of its best work on Imperial chassis. Learn more about the tasteful 1957-1959 Imperial LeBaron.

1955-1956 Imperial

The 1955-1956 Imperial was one of Chrysler's best cars. In 1956, a four-door hardtop sedan was added to the line in common with other Chrysler divisions. Read more about the collectible classic styled by Virgil Exner.

1952-1954 Fiat 8V

Virtually impossible to find today, the 1952-1954 Fiat 8V had a unique design and was fast for its day. It was a typical limited-production Italian sports car that was really intended for "production" racing. Read more about this classic car.

1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV

While the 1953-1962 Fiat 1100TV was quite lively, it was also considered unrefined. The "TV" designation stands for "Touring Veloce" -- lively touring car though it ran only 80 mph tops. Learn more information and specs about this classic car.

1956-1959 BMW 503

The 1956-1959 BMW 503 is a rare find and features a robust engine and good appreciation value. It was the first postwar sporting car from BMW. The car was a good recovery car for BMW, which was still reeling from wartime damage. Learn more about this classic car.

1955-1957 GMC Suburban

The 1955-1957 GMC Suburban was GMC's bigger, more powerful, response to Chevrolet's Cameo pickup. While Chevrolet built the Cameo as a low-production model, GMC used the Suburban to draw showroom traffic. Read more about this classic car.

1956-1958 Dual-Ghia

Distinctive and fast, the 1956-1958 Dual-Ghia had a top speed of 120 mph. It was conceived by auto transport contractor Eugene Casaroll who formed Dual Motors in Detroit to build this limited-production convertible. Read more about this classic car.

1957-1964 Facel Vega Excellence

The 1957-1964 Facel Vega Excellence was an interesting blend of Detroit and European themes. A very heavy car both in appearance and on the scale, the engine displacement and output were generally the same as other Facel models. Read more about this classic car.

1951 Frazer Standard

The Frazer Standard series for 1951 was the base model for Kaiser-Frazer's last model year. The regular sedan was more luxurious than previous base Frazers being trimmed to 1949-1950 Manhattan levels. Learn more about the 1951 Frazer Standard.