Oozn Evil: A Chopper Profile

The Oozn Evil by Suicycles started life as a wreck. See more motorcycle pictures.

Arriving at the shop of Suicycles as a complete basket case, Oozn Evil gradually went together with catalog parts, pieces on hand, and a few custom-made components. After 12 long months, Oozn Evil was again ready to hit the streets.

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The Harley-Davidson engine was treated to a number of aftermarket components, growing from its stock 74-cubic-inch displacement to 98 in the bargain. It also got a straight-pipe exhaust system custom-made by Suicycles. But the stock generator is used instead of a more modern alternator, the ignition remains the original point-and-condenser setup, and a kick starter still brings the engine to life.

Though the chassis incorporates a rear swingarm, solid struts replace the original shock absorbers, effectively making this a hardtail frame. A pair of Harley-Davidson Wide Glide front forks were extended 12 inches and hold a 21-inch spoke wheel with no brake. That leaves the braking chores to the large rear disc, which is attached to a 16-inch spoke wheel.

Like any bike that rolls out of Suicycle's shop, Oozn Evil is a study in low-tech componentry. But to many, that's only right and proper for an Old School design.

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