North American International Auto Show 2001

Volvo Safety Concept Car
Volvo Safety Concept Car
Volvo Safety Concept Car

Volvo rolled out its 2001 concept cars, including one laden with new safety features that you may find in your next car. The Volvo Safety Concept Car (SCC) has been designed to give the driver increased control and visibility.

New technology developed for the car allows the vehicle's interior to adjust to the driver's eyes and body size. Sensors scan the precise position of the driver's eyes and then adjust the driver's seat to offer the best possible vision. The steering wheel, floor, pedals and center console also adjust to a more comfortable position for the driver.

The SCC includes active rearview mirrors and rear bumper sensors that alert the driver to approaching traffic in the blind spot. Rear-facing cameras also add to the driver's field of vision. Adaptive headlamps monitor the car's speed and steering wheel movements and adjust lighting to suit progress. For example, at high speeds, light beams are given a longer reach. The car is also equipped with an infrared light enhancer to improve night vision.

Drivers moving outside of their lane will be warned by the car's remain-in-lane technology. Forward-facing cameras monitor the car's position in relation to the road's centerline and side-marker lines for 20 meters ahead of the car. If the car begins to veer out of the lane, a warning is sounded.

The SCC also has a new feature that is closer to being incorporated into future Volvo cars. Volvo showed off two types of 4-point safety belts in this car. These belts are designed to hold occupants more securely during accidents. The X4 CrissCross harness belt is a conventional 3-point safety belt that includes a retractable, diagonal chest-belt that extends from the shoulder to the hip. The Center Buckle V4 belt is similar to the harness used in racing cars. This type of belt is worn over the shoulders like backpack straps, and retracts into the seat's frame when not in use.

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