North American International Auto Show 2001

Honda X

The Honda Model X
The Honda Model X

Honda's Model X concept vehicle is aimed squarely at young, active males -- their focus groups were college-age males attending sporting events. The Model X is sort of a cross between a pickup, an SUV and a mini-van.

The vehicle is designed to hold everything from surf boards to mountain bikes. The floor is made from a waterproof washable material, and the seats are also very easy to clean. The floor is flat, so you can sleep in the vehicle, and there is a novel sunroof in the rear.

Equipped with a navigation system, DVD player, satellite radio, wireless Internet connection and a stereo that also plays MP3s, which it can download from the Web, the X seems to have everything but a beer fridge.

Inside the Honda Model X Inside the Honda Model X
Inside the Honda Model X

Like a couple of the other concepts we've seen, the X has no b-pillar -- when the doors are open, the whole side of the vehicle is open and accessible.