North American International Auto Show 2001

Ford EX

Ford's truck division presented the EX concept vehicle -- an extension of the Ford Outfitters Family of customized SUVs.

Amazingly, the EX burst through a giant video screen onto the stage. This concept car is designed for one thing only: high performance off-road driving.

The Ford EX

The car is designed to have a 50-50 weight distribution. The body panels are made from composite materials and the frame is chrome-moly steel.

The rear of the Ford EX

This design study reveals many interesting features that may show up in future production cars. It has easily removable body panels; the windshield folds down; it has four-point seat belts instead of the three point system found in most cars. The floor is washable, with drain plugs that let the water out of the car. The steering wheel can move from side to side to make it easier to get in and out of the car. And finally, the upholstery is made from a new material designed to be weatherproof and resist fading in the sun.

Inside the Ford EX
The Ford EX suspension