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1954 AJS

The 1954 AJS motorcycle was a near-duplicate of a bike sold under the Matchless brand. Its mechanical roots dated back to the models of 1935, though improvements had been implemented in the intervening years. Learn about the British-built 1954 AJS motorcycle.

1970 BSA Lightning

The 1970 BSA Lightning motorcycle battled faster less-expensive Japanese bikes. BSA didn't survive long afterward as the competition from Japan proved too much. See pictures and learn how the BSA Lightning dealt with its rivals.

How Vespas Work

The Vespa is a two-wheeled scooter used for easy transportation and loved for high-fashion style. Learn how they're made, the history behind it and the style that has made it so popular.

How the Hyanide Works

Wouldn't it be great if one vehicle could handle snow, mud, and regular road conditions without having to even change tires? Enter the Hyanide a vehicle designed by students for the 2006 Michelin Challenge.

How Motorcycles Work

Motorcycles, which can achieve fuel economies as high as 85 miles per gallon, provide an attractive alternative to gas-guzzling cars. Learn how motorcycle design has evolved over the years.

How Harley-Davidson Works

It could be the distinctive body styling, or maybe it's that tellatale sound. There's just something about Harley-Davidson motorcycles that hundreds of thousands of folks can't resist. Find out all about this motorcycle icon.

What gives a Harley-Davidson motorcycle its distinctive sound?

There is no denying that a Harley-Davidson motorcycle has a unique sound. So makes a Harley sound different from other motorcycles?