Motorcycles and Choppers

The Motorcycles and Choppers Channel explores how these machines are built and customized. Learn all about motorcycles and choppers at HowStuffWorks.

Women have often had a hard time finding the perfect chopper. But Wicked Women Choppers are changing that with designs to fit a woman's frame. See pictures and specifications for their signature Shady Lady chopper.

With nearly 20 years of chopper-building experience behind them the creators of the 300 VM Appaloosa gave it a classic design with big power. It can also be built from a Surgical-Steeds kit. See photos and specifications for the 300 VM Appaloosa chopper.

For Pain Erickson not just any chopper would do. Betting that he wasn't alone he decided to build a series of bikes that met his own exacting standards. The Suicide Softail motorcycle has a 6-speed Baker transmission and a powerful engine.

Not only is the owner of this bizarre machine responsible for its design, he's also responsible for its creation. The Bad Moon is a custom motorcycle with a Rev Tech V-twin engine. See photos and specifications for this vintage-look chopper.

Chip Miyler of Midwest Choppers has earned a reputation for highly detailed, well-built choppers, and the Trop Chop is yet another testament to his many talents. It all flows together to help cement Midwest Choppers' reputation as one of the country's premier builders.

Todd Silicato had been involved in building high-end custom motorcycles for many years before creating one of his own and he decided to give it an edgy unusual design. See pictures and specifications for this imaginatively designed bike.

With even its frame built from scratch, the Spoon chopper is truly a custom motorcycle. It has a Harley-Davidson engine and a rear-view video screen. See specifications and pictures of this unusual chopper.

When a customer order fell through, Chip Miyler at Midwest Customs completed the project on his own. With its sleek lines and unique design the Aggression deserves its title of Best Radical Custom. Learn more about this chopper.

Low Blow is a super-powered custom motorcycle made by Thee Darkside of Daytona. Learn more about this super-powered chopper and see pictures and specifications.

U-Bet 2 is a custom motorcycle made from a wrecked Harley Davidson plus many creatively-assembled additional components. Bill Steel was the artisan who transformed the pile of parts into a striking new machine. Learn more about this chopper.

Revenge is a custom motorcycle with a beautiful subtle paint job and an aggressive streamlined posture. First shown at the Laughlin River Run in 2004, it has attracted the attention of several major cycle publications. Learn more about this much-admired chopper.

Owner Rock Hymes teamed up with Midwest Choppers to bring this bike to life. Rock did some of the fabrication himself consulting Midwest when required. Learn about this sleek chopper and its striking paint and body sculpting.

Tony is named for its owner Tony Morrow, who gave Midwest Choppers free reign in its design. Built in 2003 Tony runs on a 113-cubic-inch El Bruto engine. Learn more about this high-performance custom chopper.

Deranged is a custom motorcycle built by Midwest Choppers with an S&S engine and distinctive Midwest sculpting. Its owner was a frequent customer who was ready for something different. Check out photos and specs to see just what he ended up with.

El Balla is a custom chopper made for flamboyant speed and style. What's even more impressive is that it was the owner's first custom build. Learn about this motorcycle and view pictures and specifications in this article.

The Hellcat 124 is not your normal chopper, but then it was never meant to be. This chopper combines high technology with high performance. See photos and specifications for the Confederate-built Hellcat 124.

Rigid is a custom motorcycle with an 80-cubic-inch Harley-Davidson engine. Sound F/X Motorcycle Engineering wanted to construct a bike that wasn't dripping in gleaming lacquer and chrome. See photos and specifications for this Harley-Davidson powered chopper.

The Dual Glide chopper was born when a longtime enthusiast and mechanic for all things Harley-Davidson wanted something new. See photos and specifications for this powerful chopper.

The 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide motorcycle was Harley's first factory-custom bike. It failed to attract the audience Harley had hoped it would finding fewer than 5000 buyers. See pictures and learn more about the FX Super Glide.

The 1975 Harley-Davidson SS-250 had a Yamaha engine. Learn more about the 1975 AMF Harley-Davidson SS-250 motorcycle and see pictures.

Bourget's Bike Works has been building extreme machines for many years, and one of its more radical designs is the Retro Chopper. See photos and specifications for BBW's radical design.

Choppers are custom motorcycles with elaborate details and style that make them a breed all their own. Learn about unique choppers that carry names such as Johnny Walker Lethal Injection and Deranged.

American IronHorse's Legend chopper boasts a power-extracting two-into-one exhaust. This chopper is one of the more traditional models in AIH's line, but is still quite innovative. See photos and specifications for the Legend.

This Honda Rebel chopper is not one of the big V-twin motorcycles that John Lewis specializes in, but his wife Jeanne wanted a bike of her own, so he decided to build something smaller. See photos and detailed information for this Honda-powered chopper.

Mike Young found his way to Ideal Ride and designed a motorcycle that he could ride -- with a passenger -- on long trips with greater comfort than a traditional chopper could provide. See photos and more detailed information for this powerful chopper.