Modern Cars

Modern cars are at the top of the list for most buyers in the market. See what's under the hoods of modern cars and explore current modern car models.

The 1983-1986 Chrysler Limousine & Executive Sedan provided thrifty executive transport. This car has an oddity value to collectors and it also fits where other "stretch" limousines won't. See the 1983-1986 Chrysler Limousine & Executive Sedan.

The Chevrolet Caprice took over for the Impala as Chevy's premier full-size luxury car. The Caprice proudly upheld a Chevy tradition of offering a wide range of equipment packages. Learn more about the Caprice with pictures and prices.

The Chevrolet Camaro is pure American pony-car fun. Although it debuted two years after the Mustang, the Camaro quickly build a reputation for affordable power. Learn about this Chevy classic starting with the 1967 original in model profiles and pictures.

The Chevrolet Nova was one of the most successful compact cars of all time. Debuting in 1962, the Nova rescued Chevy's compact car division after the public rejected the Corvair. Learn about every Chevy Nova model and see pictures, prices and more.

The story of the 1981-1982 DeLorean "DMC12" is dominated by its creator the notorious John Z. DeLorean who was indicted on drug charges in 1982. Although the ''DMC-12'' was promoted to the skies sales never met estimates. Read more about this classic car.

The 1989-1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe was a fast luxurious but heavy muscle car. The Super Coupe was not a super-seller in the troubled late-'80s market but its low volume may make it a future collectible. Learn more about this classic car.

The Chevrolet Impala is one of America's most-enduring automotive nameplates. In this article, you'll learn about the genesis and evolution of this iconic badge and why it outlasted so many others.

The 1982 Buick Grand National began as a regal-based trim package created to exploit Buick's success on the NASCAR circuit. Unfortunately it looked meaner than it was. Learn more about the 1982 Buick Grand National.

With spectacular acceleration the 1985-1987 Buick Regal Grand National & GNX were a welcome return to the fantastic muscle cars of the late 1960s. Learn more about the 1985-1987 Buick Regal Grand National & GNX.

The 1987-1989 BMW M5 are few in number and although the M5's replacement may be more collectible in the future the 1987-1989 BMW M5 is deemed valuable now. Learn more about this sporty car.

Although its collectibility is questionable now the 1987-1990 BMW M3 -- which was designed for the racetrack -- may be more valuable in the future due to low production numbers. Learn more about the 1987-1990 BMW M3.

The 1987-1990 BMW Z1 was produced only for a European market. Although never certified for American sale it is certainly a collectible -- if you get it past Customs. Learn more about the 1987-1990 BMW Z1.

The 1990-1991 Cadillac Seville STS offered great performance handling and a comfortable ride. Some issues with this model include the squared-off design and back seat leg room. Get more details on the 90-91 Cadillac Seville STS at HowStuffWorks.

The 1990-2000 Acura NSX/NSX Zanardi Edition was a very capable sports car yet rising prices caused sales to drop. The car featured precise steering and handling and good build quality. Learn about the 1990-2000 Acura NSX/NSX Zanardi Edition sports car.

The 1982-1985 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible and Touring Coupe are two of the nicest models made in traditional Cadillac style. This car appeals to collectors because the size balances the image and practicality. Learn more about this classic car.

The 1992-2000 Cadillac Eldorado ETC was a large luxury coupe with world-class performance and handling. Hard lines set the Eldorado apart from the rounder cars of the mid 1990s. Learn more about the 1992-2000 Cadillac Eldorado ETC at HowStuffWorks.

Oldsmobile earned the reputation of being GM''s ''experimental'' division in the 1930s. Learn how Oldsmobile and Olds Motor Vehicle Company became the only American carmaker founded in the 19th century to survive to the 21st.

Plymouth produced timeless classic American cars from 1928, until they closed up shop in 2001. The company was named after the storied Massachusetts rock where the Pilgrims landed. Learn all about Plymouth cars such as the Prowler.

Chevrolet was founded in 1911, and has been GM's largest volume division since the 1920s. Created by the founder of General Motors, William C. Durant, learn about Chevy's history and the evolution of its cars.

The Chevrolet Corvair was one of the most controversial models in Chevy's history. The problem with Corvair was a radical design that made it too costly for its original economy-car mission. Learn about Corvair's evolution and the bad press it received.

Imperial began as a Chrysler model but became its own make in 1955. Nevertheless, some of Imperial's best years as a separate make were its first. Learn about the rocky history of Imperial from Exner to Iacocca to Sinatra.

Saturn cars have had a brief but eventful history. Born in 1982 as Project Saturn, it was an all-out effort to stem the growing Japanese dominance of the U.S. small-car market. Find out how the Saturn car company works from early production up to the current Saturn Sky.

Dodge began building four-cylinder cars in 1914, then built its first Six in 1929, followed by Dodge Eight. Early Dodge cars focused on reliability and low-to-middle priced cars. Learn about the evolution of Dodge cars.

Ford Motor Company skyrocketed from obscurity to dominate the American auto industry in less than 12 years. Learn about Ford history and Ford cars starting from the Model T all the way to the Ford GT.

Pontiac introduced its first car in 1926, and soon became a leading American carmaker. Pontiac was the only make to survive out of GM's ''companion'' makes. Learn about Pontiac's history and the evolution of its cars.