Mississippi Queen: A Chopper Profile

Mississippi Queen Chopper Pictures
The stepped seat of the Mississippi Queen.
The stepped seat of the Mississippi Queen.

The Mississippi Queen is a custom motorcycle built by Tony Zizzo/Zizzo Racing. Below are more pictures and details of this powerful chopper.

A stepped King and Queen seat is an Early Chopper mainstay, a signature of the breed.

The defining flat handlebars of the Mississippi Queen.

Nearly flat handlebars on risers are another custom touch. This angle also shows the pivoting links of the front suspension. Note the fuel cap, which is frenched into the tank.

The suspension system of the Mississippi Queen.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Mississippi Queen is the suspension system. In front, solid girder forks ride up and down on short, pivoting links at the top. A large coil spring supplies cushioning, but without the aid of a shock absorber, tends to give a bouncy ride.

The Mississippi Queen's rear suspension.

The advantage of the rear plunger-type suspension is that it looks like a hardtail frame, but supplies at least a little wheel travel -- and that's better than none at all.

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