MG Sports Cars

MG sports cars are the very definition of happy motoring and the profiles and pictures included in these articles explain exactly why. This archetypal British automaker traces its origins to the early 1920s and Morris Garages, an Oxford, England, establishment that distributed Morris cars.

With tweaked chassis and altered body panels, its customized Morris Cowleys were the genesis of a sporting inclination that led to the formation of the MG Car Company and a tradition of affordable sports cars that helped ignite America’s love affair with the form.  

Among the cars featured in these articles is the MG TC, the cheeky prewar roadster that captured the hearts of American GIs. They brought it back from England following World War II, exposing a broad new audience to the joys and tribulations of minimalist motoring.

Follow the MG story thought the MG TD and TF models of 1949 through 1955, which were only slightly more substantial successors to the TC but hardly less enticing for it.

You will also learn about the cars that describe a new classic period in the MG saga, the MGA and MGB. Their clean lines and perfect proportions represented the British sports-car ideal during the 1960s and ‘70s. And our article on the MG Midget reveals an even more accessible entrée into the British sports-car tradition.

So string up your driving gloves and enjoy the best of MG sports cars. We'll get started in the next section with the MG TC.

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