How the Lexus LF-LC Works

Lexus LF-LC: Technology
The Lexus LF-LC Concept
The Lexus LF-LC Concept
Courtesy of Lexus

Lots of technology went into the making of the Lexus LF-LC, and we're not just talking about the touch screen-activated seat adjusters. Remember those organically flowing lines? Well, they were actually inspired by a leaf.

In coming up with the overall shape of the car, designers scanned into their computers a tall, striking leaf that caught their fancy. From that two-dimensional outline, they extruded three-dimensional shapes to which they could add necessities such as fenders, wheels and a roof.

Beneath the hood of the LF-LC is a propulsion system that Lexus refers to as Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive. Lexus obviously has benefited from parent company Toyota's many years of experience with hybrid engines. But the "magic," according to Lexus, of its latest hybrid system is that its engine management computer can intelligently optimize power distribution duties between the electric motor and internal combustion engine for greatest performance and efficiency.

Lexus claims this ability "future-proofs" its hybrid technology for whatever type of fuel source predominates in the post-petroleum era [source: Lexus].

By now you're perhaps wondering if this car has the "go" to match its amply-demonstrated "show." Or maybe you're curious to know how ecologically green such a mean-looking machine can actually be. To get some of the specifications on the Lexus LF-LC, check out the next page.