How the Lexus LF-LC Works

Lexus LF-LC Design: Interior
The Lexus LF-LC Concept
The Lexus LF-LC Concept
Courtesy of Lexus

Both inside and out, the Lexus LF-LC is strongly infused with an organic design sensibility. The flowing, organic shapes that mark its exterior continue inside the vehicle. The LF-LC softens its high-tech interfaces by infusing the cockpit with materials that feel as good as they look.

While leather and suede swaddle the driver and passenger in their seats, polished wood and brushed metal accents speak of class and luxury on trim pieces.

The HMI, or Human-Machine Interface, includes race-inspired steering wheel and floor pedals, as you might expect. But don't go looking for lots of switches and knobs to control your experience in the cabin. Electronic monitors and touch screens abound. Two 12.3-inch (3.1 decimeters) LCDs show important information such as navigation and climate control, while a force-feedback touch screen in the center console provides no-look control so that the driver can maintain his or her focus on the road ahead.

Even the venerable power window switch has gotten the boot in the LF-LC. If you want to feel a fresh breeze while you drive, use your finger to gesture in a "window down" motion on a touch screen.

Clearly, the LF-LC is a high touch, as well as high-tech experience. To see some of its other technologies, continue to the next page.

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