Lethal Injection: A Chopper Profile

Lethal Injection is an award-winning chopper with a 107-cubic-inch V-twin engine. See more motorcycle pictures.

Scooter Shooterz has earned a reputation for building exotic choppers, but in terms of originality, Lethal Injection sets new standards. Proof of its allure came at a Louisville event, where it took Best Of Show honors.

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At the heart of Lethal Injection is a 107-cubic-inch V-twin wearing 4-valve heads from Mega-Four and fed by a Hilborn mechanical fuel-injection system. Executed by Scooter Shooterz' own Warren Vesely, it performs even better than expected, overwhelming the massive 280-series rear tire under hard acceleration.

Oil for the engine is carried in the bike's frame downtube as well as externally mounted auxiliary storage tubes. Scooter Shooterz cut a pair of one-off wheels for Lethal Injection, and a GMA component does double duty as rear brake disc and drive pulley.

Every inch of the bodywork is original and the fuel tank sets new standards for complexity. The chosen hue is Big Red Flake from the House Of Kolor, with silver-leaf accents and a seat embroidered with the bike's name adding custom touches to the high-powered beast.

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Lethal Injection Pictures

The Lethal Injection's creative bodywork.
The Lethal Injection's creative bodywork.

Lethal Injection was honored as Best Of Show at a Louisville event for its unbridled originality. Below are more photos and specifications of this show-stopping chopper.

The Lethal Injection's bodywork is what sets it apart from other custom choppers and creates a new standard for complexity.

The intricate engine of the Lethal Injection Chopper.

If the artful bodywork isn’t enough to separate Lethal Injection from the crowd, its mighty four-valve fuel-injected V-twin should be.

The Lethal Injection fuel tank.

The intricacies of the Hilborn injection system make it a work of art on its own. Note the elaborately sculpted fuel tank.

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