Legend: A Chopper Profile

Legend Chopper Pictures
Legend's machined foot controls.
Legend's machined foot controls.

The Legend chopper is an innovative model from American IronHorse. Below are more pictures and details of this unique chopper.

The tapered, chromed fork sliders and machined foot controls define a custom chopper.

Unique wheel designs of the Legend chopper.

Wheel designs are carried over to the inner surfaces of the brake discs and drive pulley.

Two-into-one powerful headers.

AIH's two-into-one headers extract more power from the chrome-trimmed S&S engine.

Handlebar risers resemble custom choppers.

Handlebar risers and handgrips sport a custom appearance. A digital speedometer is standard, along with mirrors and turn signals; all are required in some states. The colored "eyebrow" in the half-moon speedometer housing is a bar-graph tachometer.

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