Legend: A Chopper Profile

The Legend can be ordered with a custom paint job. See more motorcycle pictures.

American IronHorse was founded by Bill Rucker and Tim Edmondson in 1995. Since then, the company has grown into one of the country's largest producers of "factory" choppers, including the Legend. Model offerings range from mild to wild, with the lineup growing every year.

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The Legend is one of the more traditional models in AIH's line, but is still quite innovative. The frame, formed from large-diameter tubing, features a four-inch stretch and a triangulated-swingarm rear suspension. Forks are stretched six inches and mounted at a 38-degree rake. Wheels, brake rotors, and the drive pulley share the same design, and four-piston brake calipers are used on both wheels. A 21-inch tire is mounted up front, a 240-mm 18-incher in back. AIH produces its own saddles, and every Legend comes complete with an electronic digital instrument cluster.

A 107-cubic-inch S&S engine is the base powerplant, but larger 117- and 124-inch options can be ordered. The two-into-one exhaust by AIH extracts more power from the engine than traditional (for a chopper, anyway) two-into-two designs.

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