How the Lazareth Wazuma Works

Author's Note

Earlier in this article, I referred to high-end mechanical components as "unpretty bits." That might have been a bit facetious.

I like high-end car parts, especially when they're clean. I love the sight of a freshly-built engine on a stand or a hoist (and even though my own automotive tastes trended toward the humble, I must admit, the larger the engine is and the more ornate its stampings, obviously, the more impressive the view). I don't believe I've seen a spotless, gleaming BMW transmission, but I'd imagine I'd feel the same way.

Back in the day, I was lucky enough to drive a few concept cars and one-offs, cars that were designed for manufacturer publicity, to show off a tuner's skills, or simply for testing. Such cars often contained components from other cars, but the reasons were logistical: for something like a SEMA show car, there wasn't enough time or money to design and build drivetrain parts from scratch. But even then, borrowed parts were usually sourced from within the manufacturer's family of vehicles.

But it takes a special kind of clout to choose high-end parts like putting together brunch from an a la carte menu. And that means a high-end vehicle like the Lazareth Wazuma, something that will sell in numbers high enough to create an established model lineup but exclusive enough that they aren't built on a factory production line (at least in the way we think of them), is crazy. The logistics of building such a vehicle are crazy. I've driven a few cars that were built in numbers smaller than the Wazuma, and they didn't come close to this level of craziness. If they had, I probably wouldn't be here. I'm no Vin Diesel.

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