How the Lazareth Wazuma Works

What is a Wazuma?

The Wazuma's "w-wheeled geometry" provides better stability than previous quad designs.
The Wazuma's "w-wheeled geometry" provides better stability than previous quad designs.
Courtesy of Lazareth Auto Moto

Doesn't the name "Wazuma" sound like it might be a real word? Something related to surfing, perhaps, or maybe an exotic jungle creature. After all, vehicle names usually have some kind of meaning -- often an animal or a place or some kind of anagram -- that might lend a glimpse into the minds and imaginations of their designers. And who wouldn't want a more intimate relationship, however superficial, with a six-figure investment?

We wondered about the origins of the moniker because, when staring down a Wazuma for the first time, any kind of insight would be welcome. "Zuma" comes from the Japanese word for "storm," and the "wa" part refers to the quad's "w-wheeled geometry" (which in turn refers to the way the front wheels are spaced far apart and the back wheels are situated close together, providing better stability than previous quad designs). So Lazareth's beast actually defines the term, which, it must be said, is pretty cool.

Any vehicle that's built from the choicest bits of high-end cars is going to be expensive. The Wazuma's no exception. Depending on your preferred blend of Euro-origin ingredients, for the price of your chosen Wazuma configuration, you could instead put together a stable of luxury cars ranging from impressive to flat-out incredible. But instead, those luxury cars will be taken apart, and the unpretty bits will be meshed together in a best-of-the-best configuration. In fact, there are several such best-of-the-best configurations, which is why the Wazuma name is flanked by model designations (like trim levels on a car or engine displacement on a motorcycle).

All Wazumas are quad-frame bikes, which, considering their size and power, are more like cars without cabins. The Wazuma's actually been around for several years, but it's the new V8F that made headlines for its chart-topping ballsiness.