How the Honda EV-STER Works

EV-STER Performance
The Honda EV-STER Concept
The Honda EV-STER Concept
Courtesy of Honda

At the EV-STER's 2011 debut in Tokyo, the car was introduced as an electric vehicle, or EV. Honda is using lithium-ion batteries to power the 78-horsepower electric motor [source: Udy]. It's not an impressive amount of horsepower, especially for an electric sports car, considering that the all-electric Tesla Roadster has 288-horsepower [source: Tesla].

Honda has a spec sheet that says the EV-STER will reach 60 kilometers per hour in about five seconds [source: Udy]. That's kilometers per hour, not miles per hour. So, in other words, it'll take it about five seconds to get up to about 37 miles per hour -- which isn't great. And once the EV-STER gets going, it will tap out at just 100 miles per hour (160.9 kilometers per hour).

The battery range is expected to be 100 miles (160.9 kilometers), the same as Nissan's all-electric Leaf [source: Nissan]. The EV-STER's batteries can be recharged from a standard electric outlet in six hours or in just three hours using Honda's quick-charge system [source: Honda].

Although the EV-STER was introduced an electric car, and gets its name from it, Honda is going to release the first production version of the car with a gasoline engine. The specifications for the gasoline engine haven't been released, but it's very likely that the engine will be much more powerful than the electric motor and have much faster track times.

The closest predecessor of the EV-STER was Honda's S2000, which boasted 237-horsepower. If Honda brings something close to this in the production version of the EV-STER, then car enthusiasts will have something to cheer about indeed. But even if the EV-STER stays exactly the same way it is on the concept showroom floor, there will still be plenty to appreciate from Honda's new direction.

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