How the Honda EV-STER Works

A Sexy Honda
The Honda EV-STER Concept
The Honda EV-STER Concept
Courtesy of Honda

A typical conversation between a new Honda owner and a friend may go something like this:

New owner: Hey, I just bought a Honda.

Friend: Great! Those things last forever.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a car that has impeccable reliability. Who wants to break down on the side of the road?! But what's missing from the previous conversation is any hint about the car being fun to drive or stylish. Honda is privy to this, and with the EV-STER they're planning on doing something about it.

Honda's lead designer said that his goal for the EV-STER was to create a car that "surprises people with just how cool it is" [source: Honda]. They've accomplished that task by focusing on the styling of their new concept and creating one fluid design inside and out.

Most cars are designed with one person designing the outside while another does the same for the inside. But with the EV-STER Honda used the same designer both inside and out. The result is a convertible sports car that continues the same dramatic feeling even after you've opened the door.

The inside of the EV-STER is made to feel like a Honda sport bike. The driver's side dashboard has two electronic displays on each side of the instrument panel, which makes them look like the side-view mirrors of motorcycle. The passenger seat blends in with the rest of the car's dark black interior while the driver's seat emerges from the rest of the interior with its light green and flat grey ensemble.

The front of the EV-STER boasts a sporty grill mixed with aggressive headlights and the hard lines on the wheel and door panels lead your eye to the back of the car. Honda added a significant amount of blue lighting on the outside of the vehicle, which may be more for the concept unveiling than we'll see in production version. The carbon-fiber body makes the EV-STER an especially light vehicle, which may be a necessity if the all-electric version doesn't have enough power.

Many concept vehicles achieve the futuristic detail that sets them apart from production vehicles, but the Honda EV-STER's design is the perfect balance of future and immediacy.

If you think the EV-STER is all beauty and no brains, think again. Go on the next page to find out about all the technology in the EV-STER.

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