High Roller: A Chopper Profile

The High Roller chopper has a guitar motif. See more motorcycle pictures.

American Performance Cycles produces a variety of models, and the High Roller 280 RHD is its top-of-the-line machine. Nevertheless, some buyers prefer to take it a step or two beyond.

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In addition to his passion for choppers, owner Kevin Murphy has an equally avid love for guitars. Blending the two interests produced the creation shown here.

The starting point was an APC frame with four-inch stretch, seven-inch rise, and Soft-Ride rear suspension. Ten-inch-over inverted forks are raked at 38 degrees. A 124-cubic-inch S&S engine combines with a 6-speed transmission to add "go" to the "show."

Every piece of sheetmetal is painted in a guitar motif, but there are several other custom touches as well. The primary cover is an artful display of machine work, as is the kickstand. Together, they help make this bike a very high roller indeed.

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