Hellcat 124: A Chopper Profile

The Hellcat 124 is a Factory chopper by Confederate. See more motorcycle pictures.

The Hellcat 124 is not your normal chopper. But then, it was never intended to be. In an effort to build a bike unlike any other, Confederate combined high levels of technology with high performance to create the Hellcat 124.

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The company designed and built the frame, adding inverted Marzocchi forks, a Penske coil-over rear shock, and substantial brakes: twin 300-mm discs with 6-piston calipers in front, a 280-mm disc with twin-piston caliper in back.

This impressive list of high-performance hardware is warranted because the 124-cubic-inch S&S Super Sidewinder Plus engine puts out an impressive 130 rear-wheel horsepower. The quest for speed is aided by bodywork crafted from carbon fiber, which not only saves weight, but with its matte finish and "weaved" appearance, lends a certain mystique as well.

Yes, a serious sporting demeanor makes the Hellcat unlike other choppers. But that was, of course, the intent all along.

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