Will solar powered cars ever take over the streets?

The Cons

Can you imagine?
Can you imagine?

As great as all that sounds, reality gets in the way. One statistic stands out in my mind as to the limitations of solar powered vehicles: the Guinness World Record for fastest solar car is a mere 55 mph. Compare that to 137 mph for electric vehicles. Gasoline powered cars have outraced the speed of sound.

There’s also a large gap between solar vehicles being built for races and those people would want to drive every day, if at all. Most solar cars look rather uncomfortable, and don’t have room for a cup holder, let alone a passenger, backseat or trunk.

Finally, there’s the question of how far a car can go on a charged battery. What if it’s cloudy, or winter, when the days are short? These are make-or-break questions, since no one’s going to buy a car that can’t promise reliability and a respectable range.