10 Top Selling Hybrid Cars


Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A Toyota Highlander Hybrid­
A Toyota Highlander Hybrid­
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan


Some people want­ to have it all: a car that uses less gas but is still capable of handling all of the people and stuff you need to haul. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is one of those vehicles that does just that.

The Highlander Hybrid is a midsize hybrid SUV, which means it seats seven and has plenty of cargo space for luggage, sports equipment or pets. It's also fairly rugged; while it wouldn't be most people's first choice for an off-road machine, it can handle foul weather and dirt roads with no problem. When you add a hybrid power train that give drivers a 37 percent improvement in city fuel economy, you get a machine that really earns its spot as the 5th best selling hybrid in America.