How the SEAT León Twin Drive Ecomotive Works

The León Twin Drive Ecomotive is a new hybrid plug-in concept from Spanish automaker SEAT.
The León Twin Drive Ecomotive is a new hybrid plug-in concept from Spanish automaker SEAT.

Right now, many countries are in the middle of determining how they want to approach new and improved car technologies, and organizations are currently setting a lot of goals regarding the future of car industries all around the world. In the United States, for example, President Obama signed a bill that will toughen fuel standards, raising the national mile per gallon average to 35.5 (15.1 kilometers per liter) [source: Broder].

The push for vehicles that are less dependent on fossil fuels and cars that operate predominantly on electricity is also strong. Since cars running on electric power produce little or no emissions when driven, they contribute much less to regional pollution and global warming. Around the same time as Obama's new standards were announced, Miguel Sebastián, the Spanish Minister of Industry, promised one million all-electric vehicles on Spain's streets by 2012. Although officials looked over this objective and pushed the target date back two years to 2014, it still cites a major change in how drastically the auto industry could evolve in the coming years -- that many new electric cars on the road might make a significant impact on current driving habits and send a message to other auto manufacturers around the world.

With many companies looking to do their part in developing new technologies, Spanish automaker SEAT, which stands for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo -- Spanish Passenger Car Company in English -- has introduced a brand new hybrid plug-in concept car for Spanish drivers to consider. The company, which is now a part of the German Volkswagen Group, has taken one of its current models, the León, and given it a greener, more fuel-efficient spin. With the SEAT León Twin Drive Ecomotive, SEAT hopes to move one step closer to getting rid of internal combustion engines from its fleet altogether.

So what's in store for the León Twin Drive Ecomotive? What plug-in technology will power its gasoline and electric systems? Keep reading to learn more.