5 Products for Better Fuel Economy


Fuel Line Magnets

Magnets are a reoccurring theme as a solution to life's problems. If you're partial to the magnetic wristbands that supposedly restore balance to your body and make you healthier, well we're not here to shoot that down. But if you're thinking about using magnets to increase your gas mileage, you should think again.

Here's how the magnet products work: The magnets attach to the outside of your fuel line, sometimes inserted inside, and they are supposed to break up clumped fuel particles so they can burn more efficiently. As with all the other products we've mentioned, this is simply not true either. Tests of magnets on fuel lines have shown no improvement to a vehicle's gas mileage.

In addition to the magnets not working, the idea that fuel inside of the engine isn't burning efficiently is a bit flawed to begin with. Government tests have shown that 99 percent of the fuel that goes into your engine is burned up, with only 1 percent being leftover. If any of the products could actually cause an engine to burn fuel more efficiently the percentage would be so small that it would hardly be noticeable or worth the cost.

Real gas-saving measures have to be earned the old fashioned way. Drive the speed limit, remove excess weight from the car, keep the engine in good working condition, combine errands, use cruise control and keep from extreme driving habits like jack-rabbit starts. Saving money on gas is like getting into shape. It takes some discipline and there are no quick fixes to get the results you want.

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