Top 10 Green Driving Tips

Green Driving Tip 2: The Four-day Workweek

It's likely that most of your time driving is spent going to and from work. One way to ease congestion, pollution and the amount of gas you use is to go to work only four days a week. We're not advocating skipping. The four-day workweek is a movement that's growing so much that some state governments are considering it for their workers.

In a four-day workweek, instead of working eight hours a day, five days a week, you work ten hours a day, four days a week. The time at work and the amount of work you get done stays the same, but with one day less at the office, your commuting costs and pollution go down 20 percent. Companies could save money by having four-day weeks, too -- their energy bills would be lower because their electricity consumption would be less. Marion County, Fl., switched its workers to a four-day week and expects to save $250,000 this year on energy costs alone [source:]. The state of West Virginia is also considering making the switch for its workers.

What's even better than an extra day of not commuting? How about not commuting at all? Read on to see how telecommuting may be the best green driving tip there is.