Everyday Driving Tips to Save Fuel

Your own special parking spot if you carpool. Cool. iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Call it ecodriving, hypermiling or plain old frugality, but people today are trying every trick in the book to eke out maximum mileage from minimum gas. Unfortunately, most fuel-saving tips range from the dubious to the downright dimwitted. Even those that work -- such as making nothing but right turns -- veer into the ridiculous.

Never fear; we've separated the classics from the clunkers. But before filling up on our advice, consider how much fuel you can save simply by swapping that supersize SUV for something sleek and small. Check out the mileage information at Fuel Economy.gov and consider picking up a hybrid.

For that matter, why not just walk, bike or carpool? Depending on where you live, you can stay in shape, have a social life and save some gas in the process. Drive during off-peak hours and work from home occasionally. Take public transportation. Join a car co-op, like Zipcar, and never worry about maintenance again. You might be surprised at how much less driving you can live with; studies show that people who join car co-ops drive 50 percent less [source: Car Talk].

But you're not here looking for ways to not drive your car; you want advice that will keep you trucking on the cheap, so let's get to it.