How Car Sharing Works

Car-Sharing Policies

Most companies offer a variety of car-sharing policies and payment plans, customized to suit customers with different preferences and needs. For example, some companies offer pay-as-you-go plans, and some charge on a monthly billing cycle. Some companies have annual fees, while others start with a base rate and add fees for every kilometer or mile driven past the specified distance. Many companies offer a combination of these plans.

Insurance is generally included in the price, as is gas. The policy on gas differs between companies as well. Some stash a gas card in the car for drivers to use; others reimburse the expense.

Once you are finished using the car, just return it to the same spot where you picked it up. Companies usually clean and maintain their cars on a regular basis, but if you make a big mess, you'd better clean it up. This policy goes for pet-related messes too -- many companies have pet-friendly cars but expect you to clean up any fur, slobber and other unsightly messes prior to returning the car. Many companies will charge a fine if you return an unsightly, cluttered car.

Some companies also fine customers if they return cars late, so you should make sure to give yourself plenty of time when booking reservations. Members are expected to pay for any traffic/parking tickets they receive while driving the cars.

So you may be asking yourself, "Wow, if car sharing is so popular and easy, should I be doing it too?" To find out more about who can benefit from sharing a car and to learn about how to contact a car-sharing company, continue to the next page.