10 Real Ways to Save Fuel

Try Hypermiling

Some of the tips we've touched on could fall under hypermiling, but true hypermiling goes further than simple techniques like coasting when you can and turning the car off instead of idling. Serious hypermilers have increased their cars' mileage by several times the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rating. One Arizona hypermiler was actually disappointed to only get around 88 miles (141.6 kilometers) per gallon out of his 2000 Honda Insight.

Hypermiling will definitely boost your mileage, but some hypermiling methods, like riding closely behind trucks to reduce wind resistance, can be dangerous. Here are a few common ways that hypermilers obtain those incredible miles-per-gallon numbers:

  • sticking to 55 miles (88.5 kilometers) per hour on the highway, even when it's below the speed limit
  • forgoing the air conditioner and rolling up the windows, even on sweltering hot days
  • turning off the car at stop lights
  • overinflating their car tires to reduce drag
  • coasting with the car turned off
  • drafting, or riding close to large trucks to decrease drag

Techniques can range from the common sense to the outright dangerous, so play it safe if you want to try hypermiling.

Driving style can definitely have a big impact on your mileage, but what can you do to your car to squeeze out a few more miles per gallon?