5 Ways Responsibly Produced Biofuels Benefit Everyone

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Sweet Sorghum: The Sweetest Fuel You'll Ever Taste!

Sweet Sorghum: The Sweetest Fuel You'll Ever Taste!

How much do you know about sweet sorghum? Keep reading to learn about Sweet Sorghum: The Sweetest Fuel You'll Ever Taste!

Author's Note: 5 Ways Responsibly Produced Biofuels Benefit Everyone

It was inspiring to research this article and learn about all of the innovative energy technologies being implemented around the world. It's easy to get pessimistic about fossil fuels and climate change and gas prices, but it's exciting to know that there are smart minds at work developing the technologies that can turn wild grass and trash into fuel for my Ford. I hope that all of the potential benefits of a global switch to biofuels are realized in my lifetime. It would make this gas-guzzler proud.

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