How the Ford SynUS Works

SynUS Design: Interior Room

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company
The creators of the SynUS have added a bit of humor to their design: Messages like "Do Not Disturb" and "Do Not Touch" are stenciled on the rear compartment, seat backs and door handles.

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company

Despite its tough exterior, the SynUS has a soft side. The interior, created by Chief Designer Joe Baker, is serene and comfortable, with padded front seats and a soft, neutral color scheme. Seats are covered in a smooth, untextured fabric that is designed to feel almost like skin. Side panels behind the front seats are covered in "memory foam" that conforms to the shape of passengers' bodies. The melding of rough exterior and soft interior is where the vehicle earned its name -- SynUS, or "Synthesis-Urban Sanctuary." The SynUS is also surprisingly roomy given its small size, thanks to the vehicle's wide wheel base.

The front seatbacks of the SynUS spin around, allowing the front-seat passenger (or the driver, if the car is not in motion) to carry on a conversation with the back seat passengers without having to twist his or her neck. If no one is riding in the back, the back seatbacks fold down for extra cargo space.

The steering wheel stores under the dash in case the driver wants some more legroom while the car is off. The passenger side has a rear-hinged access door, like that of an extended-cab pickup truck, to provide easy access for loading and unloading items into and out of the back seat.