How the Ford SynUS Works

SynUS Design: Getting In

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company

Designer José Paris has given the SynUS the blocky, solid look of a bank vault, with small slotted windows and a flat windshield, which in combination make the tiny, 5-foot-tall truck appear invincible. This vehicle not only looks like a bank vault -- it also operates like one. The driver's-side door opens not by key, but by a combination lock. The 6-inch-thick rear hatch door is hinged and opens with a four-spoke spinner, just like the door of a vault. The back hatch has no window. The narrow slot windows on the roof and sides are non-opening and bulletproof to let in light while keeping the interior secure.

SynUS drivers no longer need to worry about leaving their car in a dicey location. When it is placed in "secure mode," protective armored shutters close over the windshield and side windows. Forget about the old "smash and grab." This car is virtually impenetrable to thieves.