How the Ford SynUS Works

SynUS Roots

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company
The SynUS is bulletproof.

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company
Ford Fiesta

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company
Ford Mondeo

Designed to transport the traffic-weary suburbanites who are expected to come flooding back into the cities by the end of this decade, the SynUS is small enough to maneuver through tight city streets; yet it's also solid enough to withstand repeated cart smacks in the supermarket parking lot or a barrage of bullets in the more questionable parts of town.

The SynUS is built on the same frame as the Ford Fiesta, the miniscule European "B-car" car that is roughly the size of the MINI Cooper.

The SynUS engine and suspension are also borrowed from other Ford models -- the European Ford Mondeo sedan and the Ford Fiesta.

Because of their size, the vehicles in the B-car category have taken off in the tightly packed streets of Europe; but aside from the MINI, B-cars are virtually unknown in the States.

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