How the Ford SynUS Works

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Photo courtesy Ford Motor Company
Ford SynUS concept car. See more pictures of concept cars.

Every year at the North American International Auto Show, car manufacturers showcase their best and most innovative new designs. Some are high-tech, others are flashy and a few are just jaw-droppingly weird. At the 2005 show, the Ford SynUS (pronounced "sin-you-ehs") concept car fell into all three categories. Picture a blend of a bank vault, an armored car and a compact car, and you'll get a pretty good image of the SynUS. Critics covering the show called it everything from "silly" to "hideous," but not many cars can carry your groceries and deflect wayward bullets like this one can.

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Although you probably won't see this tiny armored truck motoring down the streets in your neighborhood anytime soon, Ford says that its tough, maneuverable design could make it the ideal urban street vehicle of the future.

In this article, we'll take a look inside the high-concept Ford SynUS, learn how it was designed and engineered and find out whether it will make it to the production line.