How the Ford Evos Concept Works

Ford Evos Specs
The Ford Evos concept car
The Ford Evos concept car
Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

The Evos is undeniably sexy. The creative combination of technology, design and sustainability suggests that Ford is looking not just to build cars, but also devices that conform to the way we live, work and entertain ourselves. Whether the Evos succeeds in this regard, however, will remain anyone's guess. Because at least for the moment, Ford says the car won't go into production -- we'll only see nods to its legacy in upcoming vehicles.

So in some sense, the specs on it are a moot point: The vast majority of us, even if we could afford one, will never get to drive it. In any event, we've pulled together some stats about the Evos, inasmuch as they've been released to the public:

  • Engine: lithium ion plug-in hybrid powertrain
  • Engine management: "Powersplit" architecture combines cloud-delivered data with real-world conditions to optimize use of electric and gasoline power for highest efficiency
  • Range: approximately 500 miles combined gasoline and electric (based on same powerplant as used by the Ford C-Max Energi)
  • Body style: four-door, fastback
  • Driver interface: driver-interaction technologies monitor well-being of the driver and adapt systems to maintain a safe driving experience

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