How the Ford Evos Concept Works

Evos and the Cloud
The Ford Evos concept car
The Ford Evos concept car
Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Already, many of us place significant chunks of our lives online. Whether it's on our employers' private computer networks or on Internet-based services, we leave behind an abundance of digital footprints: our personal acquaintance structures, media preferences, financial habits and work details exist in large part in "the cloud" of digital information.

Evos makes an attempt to harness some of this rampantly distributed data and turn it into actionable information that Ford believes will make people's busy lives a bit easier to manage. Ford says this approach is an evolution of its current SYNC car connectivity system.

For instance, Evos, being connected to your personal calendar, can tell your home-networked alarm clock when to wake you up so you're on time for work. If a colleague canceled or postponed that planned 8:30 a.m. meeting, Evos could even tell your clock to give you an extra hour of sleep. Just think -- some day we may be able to add "Sorry, boss, my car's data link froze," to our list of excuses for being late!

Evos can switch driving modes, from plush luxo-cruiser to sport-tuned asphalt demon, depending on traffic, road conditions, and the driver's skill and preference.

It can also pick up on what type of streaming Internet tunes you were listening to in the house, then have them ready and playing for you when you arrive to the car to do your morning commute, grocery shopping or whatever. It even has the ability to sift through your social media streams and make suggestions, such as fun driving routes, based on the preferences of your social media connections.

Is there a dark side to your car "knowing" so much about you? Already, commenters online have raised concerns about privacy issues: What if insurance companies get their hands on the stored data about your driving and decide to jack up your rates as a result? There have already been numerous instances of drivers being convicted in court after the prosecution obtained access to the "black boxes" of wrecked cars and used mere seconds' worth of salvaged data as evidence. Whether you're enthused or opposed to the idea of a "smart" car, it appears this genie is already out of the bottle.

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