Fiend: A Chopper Profile

Fiend is a custom chopper has a retro look and modern innovations.

Joshua Ford has a preoccupation with pre-1950 artifacts, and this obsession influenced his latest creation. Built by his company, Killer Choppers, Fiend embodies many design themes Joshua finds intriguing, and the final product is far from ordinary.

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Killer Choppers built a custom hardtail frame, fitting it with a springer fork bathed in black. Black Bike spoked wheels are fitted to both ends: In front, a 21-incher wraps around a Pat Kennedy disc brake; at the rear, a 16-incher mates to an Exile disc brake with integrated sprocket, all nestling beneath a ventilated fender.

Harley-Davidsons of the 1950s used a Panhead V-twin, and so does the Fiend-though this one benefits from S&S internal hardware resulting in 93 cubic inches of displacement. Spark is provided by a Morris magneto-another throwback to the 1950s-to maintain a vintage look. The original 4-speed transmission gets an extra cog to provide five forward gears.

The low front end culminates in clip-on handlebars inspired by older racing bikes. Spiderwebbing accents the Green Priznatique paint, and it all combines for a unique look that satisfies Joshua's nostalgic appetite.

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