Ferrari 375 MM

ferrari 375 mm by scaglietti 0402 am
The Ferrari 375 MM by Scaglietti perfectly blends performance and beauty.
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It was born to win races, but a handful of clients who wanted to take to the road in one of the very fastest sports cars of the day ordered a Ferrari 375 MM.

With the Ferrari 375 MM, Ferrari blurred the line between competition machines and road cars. Its heart was a spectacular Lampredi-designed 340-horsepower 4522cc V-12 derived from the Ferrari 340 America’s 4.1-liter engine. Pinin Farina in the second half of 1953 covered the 375’s sturdy tubular chassis with two spectacular shapes -- one a berlinetta body, the other a spyder.

Within weeks of their appearance in competition, preferred clients such as Bao Dai, the emperor of what is today Vietnam, began asking for a more comfortable version for the street. His Ferrari 375 MM spyder (chassis 0450 AM) was made during the summer of 1954 and looks nearly identical to its competition brethren save a different windscreen and a more comfortable -- but hardly plush -- interior.

The Ferrari 375 MM berlinetta was also highly prized, and was likely the fastest street car of the day. French industrialist Michel Paul-Cavallier ordered one that was nearly identical to the competition version, having a wind deflector mounted on the hood. Preferred client Enrico Wax’s Ferrari 375 MM received a more comfortable interior and different shaped fenders.

The Ferrari 375 MM was the subject of two of the most spectacular Ferraris ever made.

The first was chassis 0456 AM, a berlinetta aerodinamica speciale that debuted at 1954’s Paris Auto Show and would influence Pinin Farina and other manufacturers and designers for years. Road & Track called the one-off “the outstanding car of the show.” Film director Roberto Rossellini agreed. Shortly after the show closed, he bought the Ferrari and frequently used it to drive son Roberto to school.

The second was chassis 0402 AM. This Ferrari 375 MM started life as a Pinin Farina spyder but following an accident, owner Rossellini wanted it converted to a roadgoing coupe. Ferrari sales manager Girolamo Gardini recommended sending it to local coachbuilder Sergio Scaglietti, who created from it one of the most beautiful Ferrari one-offs ever.

ferrari 375 mm by scaglietti 0402 am
This Ferrari 375 MM by Scaglietti is praised
as one of the finest Ferraris ever made.

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