Fendered Spoon: A Chopper Profile

Fendered Spoon is a custom chopper with giant 300-mm tires.

Although Fearless Choppers has forged a reputation for building high-end machines, they are still capable of serving clients with less lofty goals. This Fendered Spoon model was the first to be built by Fearless Choppers with a rear fender, beneath which rolls a giant 300-mm tire.

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The starting point was a Precious Metal Customs frame stretched

6 inches up, 5 inches out. To that, 16-inch-over American Suspension inverted forks were added, mounted at a 45-degree rake. Xtreme Machine wheels and Hawg Halters disc brakes are found on both axles.

The 80-cubic-inch engine is straight from Harley-Davidson, installed without modification or polishing. Yet it still looks right at home in this custom chopper, despite having only a velocity stack and a set of Wicked Bros. exhaust pipes to dress it up.

Of course, no custom-built chopper would be complete without a grade-A paint job, and this one is no exception. A Cobalt Blue base coat enhanced with subtle ghost flames says "custom chopper" without screaming it-which is the whole idea behind this creation.

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