The Five Fastest Ferraris

The Fastest Ferrari of the 2000s

The Ferrari Enzo's unusual shape helped it stay under control at 200 mph.

Ferrari Enzo

Engine: 660-horsepower V-12

Top speed: 218 mph

It's not exactly a pretty shape, but Ferrari's aim was hyper control at hectic speeds, and that's what the Ferrari Enzo's unorthodox proportions, dips, curves, and vents delivered. Ferrari built just over 400 of the stunning coupes, all in 2003 and 2004. Drawing 660 horsepower from a 6.0-liter midship-mounted V-12, and weighing under 3,000 pounds, the Ferrari Enzo did 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and nudged 218 mph. The transmission was a six-speed clutchless sequential manual with steering-wheel paddle shifters.

Ferrari poured racetrack knowledge into this roadgoing rocket, the only Ferrari named after the company's founder. F1-worthy air management blended the required downforce and aerodynamics without resorting to stand-alone spoilers or movable foils. A sandwich of carbon fiber and Nomex formed the body panels, while carbon fiber was used for the chassis and tub. Sticker price was about $650,000 and color choices were limited to red, yellow, and black. Only about 100 Ferrari Enzos came to the U.S., but two were crashed in highly publicized accidents, lending the car an elevated public profile worthy of its outlandish looks.

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