The Five Fastest Ferraris

The Fastest Ferrari of the 1990s

The Ferrari F50 brought F1 technology and driving excitement to the road.

Ferrari F50

Engine: 513-horsepower V-12

Top Speed: 203 mph

Introduced in 1995 the Ferrari F50 brought Ferrari F1 technology to the road. The carbon-fiber chassis and pushrod suspension were Formula 1 practice. So was the naturally aspirated, centrally mounted V-12 engine that acted as a support for the rear suspension and for the carbon-fiber body work. The 4.7-liter V-12 used the 1990 F1 car's block and employed a similar design for the heads and crankshaft. At 513 horsepower, the Ferrari F50 was at the time Ferrari's most-powerful road car ever. The gearbox was a conventional six-speed manual mounted longitudinally.

Originally, Ferrari wanted to make two different bodies for the car, a slinky aerodynamic coupe and a barchetta convertible. The designs were eventually merged to become an open two-seater with a lift-off roof panel. Just 349 Ferrari F50s were built, and none went looking for buyers, even at a sticker price of almost $520,000. That was still only half the price of the McLaren F1, which set the day's pace for exotic road performance. But Ferrari's purpose was to provide an F1 driving experience in more than name only, and with the razor-reflex Ferrari F50, that's was it accomplished.

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