El Balla: A Chopper Profile

The chopper El Balla runs on a 124-cubic-inch Total Performance engine with Sampson exhaust. See more motorcycle pictures.

John Dodson's racing experience and passion for fast motorcycles led to

the creation of his first custom chopper, El Balla. It also led to the creation of his company, Johnny Legend Customs.

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An RC Components frame hosts American inverted forks raked at 48 degrees. Also from RC Components came a single-sided swingarm and

combination brake disc/drive pulley that allow a clear view of the right side of the rear wheel. The front wheel and brake were also supplied by RC Components. Rear air suspension provides an adjustable ride height, allowing the bike to be lowered for "show" and raised for "go."

And go it does, thanks to a 124-cubic-inch V-twin from Total Performance. Pipes from Sampson complete the picture.

Custom-formed bodywork accents the frame and encloses the oil tank. But the focal point is the rear fender, which encapsulates a taillight between staggered layers of sheetmetal. Of course, some might argue the orange and purple paint scheme is what first draws the eye, but either way, it's obvious Johnny Legend Customs is off to a great start.

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